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Adopt a Radiomon Give face and shape to your favourite element!

The story of how it all began

An atomic adventure

Everything began with the Bing Bang.

Tiny particles raved around in a very hot soup. They bunched up together, forming stars, and eventually all elements of our universe as we know them today.

There started the long story of a tiny creature that you are going to meet in this game, 4,5 billion years after she was born.
Inspired by the many scientists studying the origins of our world, you are a passionate observer of the elements.

Rewarding your interest, the elements reveal themselves to you in a visible form, by their own free will.

They call themselves: Radiomons!

Goals in the game

Collect radiomons

Explore natural places, objects and technologies, by zooming in you will see the available Radiomons for you to catch.

When they are extracted, they become part of your collection.


To transmute means “to change into something else”. That means that your Radiomons become other ones while playing the game.

Example: feed a neutron to a sleepy Cobalt-59, he will become a well-awake, angered Cobalt-60, until he releases his energy and transmutes into Nickel-60, going happily back to sleep.

Will you bring back Plutonium-244?

Transmutation is the key.


In the diverse game missions you will use Radiomons’ energy for many different reasons.

  • Capture other Radiomons
  • Eliminate nasty bacteria
  • Combat cancer cells
  • Duel with another player
  • Create a nice picture

Or you may have to choose the right shields against the energy of other Radiomons

Love or chemistry?

You meet a strange couple of Radiomons, in love, bonded together. The smallest and more calm of the two tells you her story, and how she has been bonded to her electron-mate since forever.

​Bismuth-209 is her name.

She is a determined creature that has been there since the beginning of our world. Lately, her beloved Plutonium-244 has become restless. He is the last of his species, and in this exact moment, his time comes to an end.

Bismuth-209 is desperate – she has lost her companion of 4,5 billion years. She turns to you as her only hope to bring back Plutonium-244.

“We need a high neutron flux to transmute primordial Radiomons as Uranium into Plutonium-244”, she pleads. “I’ll show you how to do!”.

Before you can say anything, she hands over to you a box. “This is a Radiofreezer”, she says. “Keep me in here with you! I know there’s a way to bring back my Plutonium-244! I have a friend not far from here who can help us”.

The adventure begins

Still confused, you don’t really know how to answer. But then you look at the sad yet determined look in her… face and you decide to help her! The adventure is on! Grab your Radiofreezer and go in search of the other Radiomons!

What will our Radiomons Heroes look like?

Simple and effective, the Radiomons will be ball-shaped, with characteristic features for each chemical element. ​Most of them are sleeping, but few of them are awake. Serene or annoyed, joyful or raging, idle or vigorous, all depending on their decay properties. They know very well that their destiny is to irradiate and shine their energy before getting to sleep again. ​They evolve in the same way as atoms do: interacting with other particles. So yes, cross sections are integrating part of the game.